Kinloch – we’ve all seen the sign, but what IS down that road? As it isn’t a through road, many, us included, pass straight on by. Well, I can report riding in feels like entering a country club – a big golf fairway, a covered boat storage park, then an entire town of baches. There is, of course a boat ramp, and our focus; a café. We parked the bikes on the shore of the lake which was a wee bit het up with a stiff breeze and headed into the café. I was expecting something a little bigger, perhaps a little grander to service those good folk who presumably stream down here at weekends and holidays from the Big Smoke. However, what we got was a small café which we shared with a few lycra clad cyclists, where we were joined by two new faces from our mailing list. It is always so nice to meet new people and Lawrence and Marion were great to share brunch with before we all headed off on our separate ways home.

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