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Gatecrash our ride! 
If you haven’t ridden with us, or not for a while, here’s how we roll: 
We plan every trip on the basis of what we’d like to do on those dates and book our ferries / accommodation etc. Then we share details to see if you are free and keen to join us anywhere along the way.  “Andrew and I are going for a ride and you’re invited!” 
Do you fancy a day ride, a meal out one evening, or go the whole hog and come for the entire trip! 

  • We love riding with new people and hearing new stories over dinner, so if you want to gatecrash our ride; check out our plans, sort a route that suits you, book some accommodation to suit your budget and drop us a line so we can arrange to meet up.
  • For our personal itinerary we try to use any roads we haven’t ridden before. That puts us on some circuitous but very scenic routes and there are still some sealed roads out there that we need to find!
  • At the end of the day, we relax and get dinner in a decent pub, walking distance from affordable accommodation in small town NZ.
  • Remember
    • We don’t charge for this, it’s just an open invite to join us on our ride
    • Plan your own route from A to B or you’re welcome to ride with us
    • Get in touch and let us know where you’ll meet us! 

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