About Us

Corinne is from the UK and did many tours through the UK, Ireland and Europe before inadvertently moving to NZ in 2003, staying on after a backpacking holiday.

Andrew is originally from Auckland but we are now based in the Waikato.

With 5 bikes in the garage we have enough excuses to get out on the road and do so as often as we can. The South Island is ideal for touring holidays – the North Island has some good back roads to get from A to B and we ride a good mix of both throughout the year.

Between us, we have covered almost all of the roads in New Zealand and know the picturesque South Island and the winding North Island like the back of our hands. We do a nationwide tour in a week every year; a whistle-stop jaunt which leaves no time for checking email or phone messages from the day jobs – the best justification for jumping on a motorbike there is! Normal locals would do the trip in 2 – 3 weeks, people who haven’t seen the scenery before would need upwards of two months to be able to take in the sights along the way.

We’re trying to use this site as a record of where we’ve been, the best hospitality, the best coffee, but no doubt we’ll have to kiss some frogs along the way so if we see some crappy service, bland food or weak coffee we’ll mention that too, so that if you are short on time, you can skip to the good bits when you are on your own trips.

With a form of tour guide in Corinne’s background, and supported by Andrew’s encyclopaedic memory of names of places visited, eaten at or just passed through, if you want a steer to put together your own trip, give us a shout – we are always keen to share ideas or put together a draft agenda to suit your dates, bikes and preferences.

See the Events page for the stuff we stumble upon from time to time, but mostly, we spend our time on the roads.