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Motorbike Accessories

We’ve owned sports bikes, naked bikes, adventure bikes, trials bikes, you name it, we’ve probably had a go at it. We’ve also bought more than our fair share of motorcycle gear that failed to impress, and researched beyond belief other products that may or may not have worked out – there is more on these motorbike product tests over on our PRODUCT RESEARCH page.

Here you can learn about our success stories!


Free Motorcycle Tours

We love touring NZ by motorbike! Whilst we get out and about at the weekend whenever possible, we also fix three dates in our annual diary where we publish our touring plans so that others can come along too.

Now YOU can come along and join us for a ride!



What We Do

New Zealand is the natural home of motorcycle touring with roads that wind alongside the blue-green sea or climb through the mountain passes.


We organise “Free to Join NZ Motorcycle Tours”.


Our Approach

Motorbikescape is our way of meeting like minded people and giving you the same freedom to enjoy your holiday as we look for in our own trips. So, whether you are in NZ and looking for some long distance multi day riding, or from overseas and looking to plan a NZ holiday, we look forward to meeting you.


Our Mission

We love meeting new people and sharing the roads we have explored, so join us on one of our trips – there are no fees – and come ride some new roads and chat all things motorbikes over coffee or dinner.

We’ve spent a lot of time over the years, looking for those niche motorcycle products that make our riding life a little more comfortable. Here on our website you can buy products that we have researched, used ourselves and personally recommend.

About Us

Corinne is from the UK and did many motorcycle tours through the UK, Ireland and Europe before inadvertently moving to NZ in 2003, staying on after a backpacking holiday.

Andrew is originally from Auckland but we are now based in the Waikato.

Latest News

Get booking: Motorbikescape March Tour 2024

Get booking: Motorbikescape March Tour 2024

March Tour - Southland to Northland 16th - 24th March (plus getting there & back) Here is a readymade holiday for you.  We've got the routes planned, we've found fun accommodation within walking distance of dinner each night, we've even supplied all the links...

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Aug 23: Motorbike Escape goes to Canada

Aug 23: Motorbike Escape goes to Canada

Way back in 2019 we vowed to see more of the world by bike and this year we started to make good on that promise, hiring Motorcycles out of Vancouver, Canada for a 6 day loop of British Columbia. We had a ball – as you’d expect when we get to ride bikes for 6 days...

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May, June, July monthly outings

May, June, July monthly outings

Our monthly runs have been continuing... even if our writeups are a little sporadic!  MAY 2023 - Hunua Falls Cafe (Recently re-opened) We met at Hunua Falls, South of Auckland for our first cafe run after our big nationwide trip in March. Speed limits are...

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Touring By the Numbers

Between us, we have covered almost all of the roads in New Zealand and know the picturesque South Island and the winding North Island like the back of our hands. We do a nationwide tour in a week every year; a whistle-stop jaunt which leaves no time for checking email or phone messages from the day jobs – the best justification for jumping on a motorbike there is!


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