Grand Challenge – The Long Weekend 2011

The Grand Challenge is the annual event run by the Rusty Nuts Motorcycle Club to ride 1,000 miles (1600kms) in 24 hours. The run is designed to be achievable in 18 – 22 hours – enough time to ride the trip with a short coffee break, or for Andrew this year, a quick change of tyre in Wairoa.

Being the 25th Anniversary, this year was a Long Weekend. a 900km ride on Friday, leaving about 8am. Then the main event leaving Turangi at 1pm on Saturday.

Grand Total = 2500kms for the 25th Anniversary.

Of course we still had to get there and back, so with a 1400km round trip, a cool 3900km this weekend. The good news for us, was that the ferry didn’t break down until it had dropped us in Picton and was returning to Wellington later that evening

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